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Inspiratech WebMail

Why use WebMail?

  • Easily access your email account from any Internet connected PC anywhere
  • Send emails from your account, eg from
  • Avoid blocking of emails from your domain name, eg, when using the SMTP server of certain Internet Service Providers

Login screen
Login screen


  • Enter your WebMail address into the browser
  • Enter the name of the POP3 Mailbox, eg sales for
  • Enter the password for the POP3 Mailbox

Inbox screen
Inbox screen


  • Auto refresh at preset time interval
  • Order inbox by arrival, subject, "from", "to" & size

Compose screen
Compose screen


  • Address book
  • Attachments
  • Signature
  • Request receipt
  • Set sensitivity & priority

Other Features

  • Search
  • Preferences
  • Help